Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toyota Takes "Responsibility", Playgirl wants M. Vick, & Monica's New EYE CANDY!!

KEEPS GETTING WORSE FOR TOYOTA- It's still all bad in the world of automotive giant TOYOTA. Today company President, Akido Toyoda, spoke before the House Committee of Oversight and Government Reform (with a translator) promising to take "Full Responsibility." A brief background filler: the company has been issuing recalls on several of their vehicle models due to increased acceleration (pedal issue), easily affecting over 8.5 million cars. The kicker is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received complaints for years and dragged their feet to take action. Lives were lost in the meantime whilst these major corporations pocketed money... surprised anyone?!?! We live in America where quality check comes a dead last behind capital, greed, quantity and demand. This is yet another embarrassment for the automotive industry as a whole to say the least. I should hope Toyota DOES take "full responsibility" everyone who bought a faulty car placed their LIFE in the fate of the autos built and sold by Toyota. PSA: DON'T rush to buy the new Camery's... justsayin...

PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE WANTS MIKE VICK!!!!-Seriously... it's being reported that the publication offered the reformed dog-fighter one million dollars if he would drop trou, and donate the money to PETA. WOW!!!!! Playgirl, the same magazine that offered the world Levi Johnston's penis on a platter, is now soliciting the best quarterback in the NFL! I just can't believe they're trying to spin Mike's star-fall so fast. Hopefully his publicist never leads Vick down that trashy road and that his great comeback continues with integrity.

Click the link to see the world-famous, Tony-Award Winning, Slam-Slaughtering, Spoken Word Artist GA ME preview her talents for a National Audience on the Mo'Niqe Show!!!! The performance aired on Monday night (Feb 22) but you can catch GA ME on tour in a city near you!!!! That's MY DAWG!!!!!! (seriously) *You have to sit through several min. before the clip of Georgia... I blame BET*

MONICA'S NEW VIDEO: LOVE THE EYE CANDY- If you follow me on Twitter you know I've often ranted that I'm  not a fan of the latest single from Monica. However, she's ATown, and I will support (I wrote about Wacka Flacka didn't I...). So, for all the Monica Stans (jk) here is Ms. Thang's latest video. Check for the hawtness that is Chad Ocho Cinco... (till he opens his mouth)


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