Friday, September 4, 2009


Back with another dose, a FRIDAY UPDATE:
Power in the Protest
-Follow along w. my fellow BISON as they peacefully protest for workers rights on campus at Howard University!!! Hundreds of students are gathered (at this moment) in front of the Administration Building, inclusive of faculty in an effort to bring attention to the lack of Union worker support, the abundance of students accepted this school year without adequate accommodations, and an overall frustration with the HU Frustration. (Bison Alum, don't these complaints sound a bit familiar...) Gotta love the passion, as the protest is gaining media attention and a heavy Twitter following. Good luck BISON!!! Fight the Powers that BE! :)

-A faithful reader (thanks) just sent information that counters the claim that Maia Campbell is addicted to drugs... it alleges that she suffers from schizophrenia. Undiagnosed much??? Someone STILL needs to get that chile some help and a hug.
-CiCi (Ciara) is now reporting that she is NOT engaged... Is this to shake the media and fans?? we'll see.

Who loves you?? (Smile)



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